Using the principles of innovation acceleration and the framework of user-centred design, ‘Accelerate’ helps our clients to bring innovation to life. We use this powerful tool to join the dots between user need, idea, prototype and test.

We deliver a bespoke modular approach to innovation acceleration, advising clients on which tools they need, when they need them and how to get the best out of them.

Our sprints can take as little as 2 days up to 12 weeks, depending on what each project needs.

“Elaine’s industry knowledge and expertise in the accelerator process is invaluable.”
Jennifer Rao-Williams, CEO J-Rao Ltd.



Through ‘Empower’ we train teams to be creative, productive and results focused. We design each bespoke session to get the best from everyone, using the following tried and tested techniques:

- Innovation acceleration
- Design thinking
- Prototyping and rapid proposition testing
- Competitive advantage – Building a wide moat.

‘Empower’gives teams the tools they need to create better products and services, work better as an organisation, and confidently continue with their own development.

“The expert training provided by Boutique Innovation on Design Thinking helped our team to turn customer insights into ideas and first level prototypes in a matter of days.”
Andrew Nightingale, Manager New Business, Royal Society of Chemistry



We use ‘Inspire’ to help bring the outside in. We shine a light on fresh sources of inspiration. We introduce new ways of thinking and doing. This is designed to help clients look up and look out as well as look in. It creates an appetite for the big questions.

- Where are the great innovations happening right now?
- Who are the dynamic thought leaders?
- Who is pushing boundaries and how are they doing it?
- What examples can inspire teams to be even more creative?

“Boutique Innovation’s insights into the competitive space around our organisation allowed us to move our thinking forward.”
Katie Wheat, HE Senior Manager, Vitae