case studies


royal society of chemistry

Background: The Royal Society of Chemistry was established in 1848 and now has over 50,000 members. Its mission is to advance the chemical sciences for the benefit of humanity. In parallel to charitable pursuits in supporting the development of chemists on an international scale, it also runs a large scientific publishing business and hosts hundreds of conferences and networking events for chemists every year.

What we did: We coached a number of teams at the RSC through a series of design sprints aimed at reinventing the RSC industry proposition. In parallel to an intensive period of bespoke training on the fundamental principles of innovation and user-centred design, the teams scoped, built and tested a range of new propositions for industry members and companies.

So what? 'It has been such a pleasure working with Boutique Innovation to help us define our strategy. They brought a fresh perspective and new methodologies, which allowed us to look beyond problems and find opportunities. In only a few weeks, we have not only found those opportunities, but also established close internal collaborations, built consensus for the direction of travel and changed perceptions. I’ve been very impressed about the way they developed and delivered the sessions. All felt very clear, relevant, tailored to our business and, not least, fun!’ Dr. Aurora Antemir, Industry Manager, RSC


next generation learning & development

Background: Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers. They came to us for help with their next generation of learning and development tools for research staff and students.

What we did: A series of exploratory meetings, workshops and an in-depth landscaping assessment, resulted in a new digital innovation strategy for the future.

So what? ‘I am very pleased with the outcome as Boutique Innovation’s insights into the competitive space around our organisation allowed us to have some difficult conversations and move our thinking forward, whilst enabling everyone to feel like they had won.’ Katie Wheat, HE Senior Manager, Vitae.


new apothecary range

Background: Start-up J-Rao Ltd was founded in 2017. Their aim is to provide a luxury alternative apothecary product range based on ethical values, promoting gender neutrality, organic ingredients, and novel approaches to sustainable design.

What we did: We helped J-Rao Ltd. define its unique offering and to consider this in all aspects of market research, product design, development and validation by way of a series of advisory coaching sessions. We also focused on improving their research and development processes.

So what? ‘Elaine is the missing piece of the puzzle and an essential part of the support eco-system at J-Rao. Her industry knowledge and expertise in the accelerator process is invaluable, and her mentoring approach is really practical. I feel very privileged to be able to work with Elaine as a ‘critical friend’ so early in the business journey, and through our working relationship J-Rao is in a much more credible and informed position’. Jennifer Rao-Williams, CEO, J-Rao Ltd.


new oral care product design

Background: Dentherapy® Ltd was founded in 2014 to develop next-generation, multifunctional, therapeutic dental products for the oral care market. The company approached Boutique Innovation looking for help with product development coaching.

What we did: We helped Dentherapy® Ltd to make a step change in their strategy, product design and open innovation capabilities via a series of business model workshop and advisory coaching sessions. This has resulted in a more successful pitching position for the company as it looks for its next industrial development partner.

So what? ‘The opportunity to work with Boutique Innovation has been incredibly beneficial as our company aims to extend therapeutic oral care beyond the home, into the ‘on the go’ market. Their skills and experience are assisting us to navigate the challenges of entering this commercial ‘white space’.’ Carol Rafferty, Director, Dentherapy Ltd.